5 Noteworthy Wearable Designs

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Read this book and start screen printing using the basic elements.

Here at Print, we see in-house designers, freelancers and studios churning out some brilliant wearables—from T-shirts to backpacks to tote bags—and we knew we needed a competition just for them. That’s why we created Print’s Wearable Design Awards and invite you to share with us your best work—whether it was done for yourself, for self-promotional purposes, or for a client.

In honor of this new opportunity, we shared some of our favorite T-shirt designs last week. This week, we bring you a roundup of some of the most eye-catching, innovative wearable design and wearable gadgets we could find.

Eye-Catching Wearable Design

Artefact Group’s BrakePack: The Smart Backpack for Urban Cyclists


Artefact Group’s BrakePack: The Smart Backpack for Urban Cyclists pulls out all the stops. In an effort to keep cyclists visible and signaling effectively, while avoiding the impractical solutions of bike accessories that must be removed each time the cyclist gets off the bicycle to avoid their being stolen, the designers created BrakePack.


According to Artefact Group:

“BrakePack clearly communicates the cyclist’s intentions to the people who share the road. Turn signals, brake lights and hazard lights are activated automatically through the mobile app or via capacitive touch controls on the shoulder straps. The bright LEDs guarantee all-hours visibility. …The companion mobile app communicates with the built in gyroscope and accelerometer to provide turn-by-turn navigation, automatic wayfinding and signaling, and distance, speed and performance tracking.”

Check out the video below and learn more about this wearable here.

Pauline van Dongen’s Phototrope: An Illuminated Running Shirt

This one goes along with the Artefact Group’s theme of safety at night for athletes. This illuminated running shirt from Pauline van Dongen has LED ribbons hidden behind “soft and flexible TPU foils,” according to the website.


Photos by Hammond Images


“Through their prismatic structure they refract the light of the LED’s in a vibrant and subtly multi-coloured way. The design casts the body in a shimmering glow; its illuminating qualities contribute to the experience and awareness of the space around the body and enhances experience on a psychological and aesthetic level. When worn during the day, the foils add a new and distinct look and materiality to the domain of sportswear.”

The idea is that this illuminated running shirt will enhance the runner’s experience of running at night and thus improve his or her performance. The creator notes that it can also positively impact the group dynamics of a running team.

Learn more about Phototrope here.

Might & Main’s Mackworth Canvas Tote

This gorgeous Mackworth Canvas tote is a product of the collaboration between Might & Main and one of its favorite local artisans. The asymmetrical orange and green tote is created with heavy waxed canvas and features heavy-duty straps and an inside pocket. According to the studio, Intervale Leatherworks crafts each bag in their workshop in New Gloucester, Maine.

  1. Check out one of Might & Main’s winning projects here.


Wearable Gadgets Worth Checking Out

Artefact Group’s Purple: A Locket for the 21st century

This locket stands out for many reasons, not the least of which is its smooth appearance in platinum, silver, gold and brushed brass.


In Artefact Group’s own words:

“Elegant and simple, Purple is a modern take on the locket. It connects wirelessly to your social networks and receives images and messages from friends and family. Purple invites you to take a peek at what’s inside, pause from your hectic daily life and smile at a moment you share with the people who matter most.”

The group ensured that every detail was well thought-out. It’s worth noting that every gesture—from looking into the locket to cradling it in one’s palm—was designed to remind users that they are experiencing a meaningful moment worth cherishing.


Learn more about Purple here.

TZOA: An Advanced Enviro-Tracker

According to the product website, TZOA measures air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient light and UV (sun) exposure with its internal sensors. Users can connect the gadget to their smartphones and then view their readings and receive recommendations.


As stated on the website:

“[TZOA] will allow you to make lifestyle decisions such as where to find the freshest air to go for a run, where to plan a picnic, or even allow you to find the hotspots of air pollution in your neighborhood so that you can help fix them and live a healthier life. …TZOA will also give you actionable recommendations, such as opening your windows for ventilation, choosing less polluted routes, and making sure you are getting enough sunshine through the winter seasons and not too much during the summer seasons. “

Learn more about TZOA here.

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Have you designed a wearable? Whether it’s a T-shirt you designed and sell in your shop, a button you created as part of a client’s brand campaign, or a health and fitness tracking device you designed for a company, your eye-catching, innovative designs belong in Print’s Wearable Design Awards.

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