George Lois Talks at MoMA

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On Andy Warhol’s “godawful” wig:

“Every time I saw him I’d say, ‘Straighten out that fucking thing.’ It was a joke between us.”

On Norman Mailer:

“Norman wanted to meet me in Central Park for a fist fight. I showed up—he didn’t.”

On posing Muhammad Ali as St. Sebastian:“He said, ‘Hey man, this guy’s a Christian! I can’t do it.’ He got [Nation of Islam leader] Elijah Muhammad on the phone—we had a 20-minute conversation about religion.”

On doing the Andy Warhol cover:“It was like three days of work. These days, it would take 10 minutes.”

On the current state of magazines:

“Nobody today puts ideas on covers. If you put one of [my] covers on the newsstand today it would leap out at you.”