Italian Deco In Italy

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If you are in Italy now–or if you’ll be participating in SVA’s Masters Workshop in Venice and Rome (May 24-June 6)–you should check out the exhibition of Italian art deco design, Deco: Arte in Italia 1919-1939 (Jan 31 – June 28) at the Palazzo Roverella in the north-eastern city of Rovigo in the Italian region of Veneto. The exhibit explores the movement’s development in Italy, and rather than limiting itself to architecture or interior decoration–“the traditional darlings of the movement” according to its organizers–this exhibit focuses on the beauty of graphics and fashion. Art deco was more than a mere decorative manifestation. It was a frame for both consumerism and politics–Italian Fascism was awash in streamlined deco designs. Italy has a blend of deco or moderne simplicity and Novocentro complexity as a foundation for its 20th-century design. Although art deco presumably died when World War II began, it is continually revived. What, if anything, do you consider to be the “new” art deco? Tell me in the comments.

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