News, 07.30.09

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We’re not the only ones relaunching a website: NPR launched a redesign on Monday as well, with a new tagline: “Always On.” Over at Poynter, Steve Myers says that the navigation is vastly scaled back, for the better, and audio is presented in a way that provides “a variety of active and passive listening experiences.” Just don’t go to the site expecting much in the way of video, reports the Times. Dick Meyer, editorial director for digital media, says the new site “looks like NPR sounds.” Firebelly is ambivalent. What do you think?

“It’s not the top performer, it won’t turn heads like a fresh out-the-box GT2, but it’s got an understated class that will let you slide by with just the right amount of splash”: a collection of Porsche 928 ads from the ’80s[a time to get]

Can The Big Funny recapture the golden days of the comic strip? The Minneapolis-based International Cartoonist Conspiracy, Big Time Attic, and Altered Esthetics gallery are collaborating to produce an oversized newspaper comics section like in the old days.


Three reasons why music magazines are dying. If only design had something to do with it.

Pica+Pixel links to visual roundups of our two favorite geekiest events of the year: TypeCon and Comic-Con, which both ended Sunday. And here is the audio for TypeCon’s web fonts panel.

Mad Men may be a hit, but the big ad agencies these days are struggling: Interpublic profit has dropped like a stone, while Omnicom has fallen 24 percent. Could Ogilvy be in trouble as well?

In case you missed it, Michelle Obama’s remarks at the 10th annual National Design Awards.

And, our new favorite video, from animator Jimena Oddi: