Online-Only Obsessions

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Web Worker Daily recently proposed a simple step toward reducing day-to-day e-mail clutter and the resultant timesuck: make e-mails short rather than nice.


Here’s a sampling of recent items from the archive:

If you listen to the wrong people, you might think music packaging is even more dead than print. Hard Format is a celebration of just how very wrong all those people are.

The iPhone is beginning to grow a healthy community of developers, who are coming up with a wealth of new icon and interface explorations.Walrick, a deviantArt member, has released an interesting series of layered PSD files from which you can begin new icon designs built on templates based on Apple’s original iPhone icon set.Big Cartel is a new online store service for small companies who need to sell on the web with mimimal fuss—and maximum style. Initial signup leads you directly to the free plan, so you can test the site for as long as you want without charge. If you like it, you can easily upgrade to a higher level of service. The plans are very affordable: the highest rate is $20 a month.Finally, you can control your fortune—or at least your fortune cookies. Go to the site unFortunate to write a cheeky fortune and download a template to print it; then share (and mock) with friends.

Professional photographers are adept at attaining a stunning palette in their images. Now, with the match color function in Photoshop CS, the rest of us can combine shoddy shots with famous works of art for instant beauty.

You know it’s fun to check out the contents of other people’s supermarket carts. A gallery of mood boards is a little like that for designers—a chance to snoop for inspiration.