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Have you seen our Luxe by MOO business card designs? The HOW+Print art directors designed two sets of business cards for the Luxe Project, a new initiative that features unique, limited edition designs created by various designers and printed on Luxe Business Cards.

What makes this venture even more appealing is that 100% of the proceeds go to the designer’s charity of choice. You can show off your love of typography or break the ice with our designs all while supporting our charity, EPIC. But, act fast because the opportunity to support EPIC through your business card purchase ends on July 12th.

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Our cards benefit EPIC, a Chicago-based organization that pairs volunteers from advertising and design industries with non-profit clients dedicated to education, children and families. EPIC helps creatives use their talents to give back to the community in a real way through 8 week volunteer experiences and encourages creatives to “make social change.”

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We’re hoping you fall in love with Print’s Letter Love series where our art directors showed their passion for all things type by giving each letter its own design treatment. All of the designs are in black, white and red, a color palette that signals an amorous feeling and lets the color pop. Each design is so different that you might want to pick up the entire alphabet or spell out a phrase like, “I love Print.”


And the designs from HOW magazine, our sister publication, will help you introduce yourself with their fun, HOW clever series. Each card features a different “how” question meant to entice conversation; for example, “How Ya Like Them Apples?” may come in handy after someone compliments your work or you catch up with a former colleague. The fun illustrated cards, all of which incorporate a blue, slanted line design, will get you talking.


Pick up some fancy new business cards to support a charity that encourages creatives to give back!