Take a Typographical Tour with James Victore

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Want even more eye candy? Shadow Type: Classic Three-Dimensional Lettering by Steven Heller and Louise Fili is a treasure trove of examples from Europe and the U.S.

You’ve done it before. You’ve critiqued signage on the local deli or bar. You’ve wondered why a major brand went with that font. And sometimes you have to let the bombardment of visuals just fade into the background in order to survive the wild world around you. Designer and author James Victore cuts through the noise to take a closer look at type in its natural habitat with a “typographical tour” of the streets of Brooklyn and Queens.

“Type Safari with James Victore” is not only an entertaining piece (Victore’s comments and camera presence leave you wanting more), but it also announces a collaborative typography event to take place in Brooklyn, hosted by Makeshift Society and Adobe Typekit. Furthering setting the tone, Victore is driven around in a military-green vehicle as he surveys the land.

You can see how your opinions match up with Victore — who also answers “Burning Questions” on his YouTube channel every week– and catch some great one-liners. Take his comment about the sign below and the use of Helvetica:

I’m always bashing Helvetica …. except we actually used it to design my book.


Or this comment, as he looks at the storefront pictured below:

So, call me old-fashioned. That’s what I want my liquor store to look like. I trust these guys.


Victore even takes on advertising masked as street art, putting the permanent marker in his hand to use.


This video safari ride is effective — it makes you want more examples, more of Victore and maybe a chance to have your own type adventure.

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