Doppleganger Bobbleganger

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by Steven Heller

While browsing through Giant Robot the other day, I was dumbstruck by the memory of a Simpsons plot. Remember the Mr. Sparkle episode where Homer finds his face reproduced on a mysterious surface? He believes it has mystical origins, but we learn it is merely a box of Sparkle household detergent from Japan and his doppleganger is the corporate mascot. Well, the Japanese have done it to me too. The toy above eerily looks like me (albeit without the charm). So, I got to thinking about the cosmic implications of doppelgangers, which lead me to consider doppleganger bobble-head dolls. For anyone interested in getting bobbles with their own visages (and wearing their favorite suits) check this out. Just please, don’t send them to me as a gift. (Top photo: Louise Fili)

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