The Sun Also Rises

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The Obama logo by Sol Sender is the symbol that keeps on giving. While I don’t want to appear like one of those crazy “birthers” who question the President’s birthplace, I am fascinated by the separated at birth coincidences that frequently pop up regarding the Obama “O.” Thanks to Misha Beletsky, I have in my hand two possible birth twins. Above is a logo designed by Ivan Chermayeff in 1972 for a suburban development in Ohio; below is one done for a cheese company (date circa mid-1970s and designer unknown). In looking around for other example, I found a more recent example (bottom) of a mark directly kidnapped from the Obama O‘s nursery. And here is a more sinister look at the sun motif.

Additions since original post: The bottom three logos were sent in by eagle eyed Mirko Ilic:

Do you know of others?