Threadless and Print Love Drawing

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[Ed. note: This competition has now ended.]

The rules, from Threadless:Some of the best designs begin as a simple hand-drawn sketch. It’s incredible how random drawings in sketchbooks, on coffee table napkins, or doodled across sticky notes become sweet pieces of art once fleshed out onscreen.

Your challenge is to create an amazing tee based on your original drawing.Feel free to explain your process with the submission or take some photos showing how you’ve created the design. If your design wows the community, it could be your ticket to a wealth of goodies.

And some big-time prizes are on the table:

  1. Wacom Cintiq 12WX tablet!

  2. $750 Gift Certificate for the House Industries store!

  3. $500 gift certificate for Utrecht!

  4. A full set of Front Forty Books and CD’s! Includes titles such ask Graffitecture, Matt Volla’s Unruly Drawings, and Short Stories Illustrated By Artists.

  5. Winning design (and designer!) to be featured in PRINT’s February 2009 issue

  6. An oversize poster from the Print Magazine 2008 New Visual Artists issue

  7. The 11-year retrospective Regional Design Annual DVD

  8. One year subscription to PRINT

  9. $500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash)

  10. $2,000 in cash

DEADLINE: September 15, 2008.