A Passion for Productivity with Jessi Freitag of Startup CPG Podcast

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PRINTCast: The PRINT Podcast Studio is a curated collection of cutting-edge podcasts we love about design, creativity, branding, books, and further subjects afield. Here’s the latest episode of Evolve CPG, a podcast about innovative leaders who are evolving the Consumer Packaged Goods industry by building better products and better brands to imagine a better world.

People connect with a story far more than a tool. Joining us in conversation today is Season 3 host of The Startup CPG Podcast, Jessi Freitag, who specializes in helping people to leverage the power of digital systems to promote productivity and success.

A multi-passionate coach, podcaster, and CPG expert, Jessi is here to share her story of promoting efficacy in the world of CPG by sharing her first-hand experience. While many people have great ideas and go as far as to start their projects, far fewer follow through and bring them to completion. 

Jessi’s secret sauce involves asking questions, building authentic connections, and capitalizing on the power of storytelling. If you’re looking to improve your output, stay connected, and motivate those around you, you can’t afford to miss today’s conversation. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jessi’s portfolio of passions and how each informs her work at The Startup CPG Podcast, Iroh’s Corner, Liv Bar, and Boyle Brands.
  • Leveraging the power of storytelling to motivate people.
  • How building authentic connections with people leads to great opportunities.
  • The integral role of well-placed systems to ensure movement towards your goals.
  • What is required for a Podcast to succeed and how that applies to all of life.
  • Learning to ask the right questions to extract useful information.
  • Tools Jessi built for CPG: Warehouse and 3PL Fulfillment Database, and Freight Provider Database.
  • How Jessi consults with individuals and businesses, connecting them to digital tools to organize information and maximize productivity.
  • The three different areas Jessi’s certification work entails at Boyle Brands.
  • Outsourcing tasks that fall outside of your zone of genius.
  • Jessi’s advice for navigating a changing world.