Bookable: Crafting a Vulnerable Work—and Surviving It

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PRINTCast: The PRINT Podcast Studio is a curated collection of cutting-edge podcasts we love about design, creativity, branding, books, and further subjects afield. Soon, we’ll have a dedicated digital listening room. In the meantime, we present Bookable from host and author Amanda Stern—“an audio exploration of a great book—usually a new one, sometimes classic or even obscure, but always one hundred percent worth knowing about.”

The latest episode features Kiese Laymon, Saeed Jones and Mira Jacob.

Here’s more from the Bookable team:

When you work in a field that demands exposing your deepest self to the public, it fosters a deep, even profound kind of humility born from the habit of making oneself vulnerable. The act of opening up is transformative. What makes a memoir powerful? We asked Mira Jacob, author of the award-winning graphic memoir Good Talk (and Bookable’s very first guest) to moderate a special roundtable about just that question.

She invited the incredible Kiese Laymon and Saeed Jones, and the result is a conversation that is riveting and enlightening, exploring how a book’s success can hurt the people you love, and how the isolation that comes with touring and being alone in hard times can almost do a person in.

This episode was produced by Andrew Dunn, Beau Friedlander and Amanda Stern. It was mixed and sound-designed by Andrew Dunn, who also created Bookable’s chill vibe. The host is Amanda Stern. Beau Friedlander is Bookable's executive producer and editor-in-chief of Loud Tree Media.

Music: “Books That Bounce” by Rufus Canis, “Different Strokesby Jupyter, Uni Swing Voxby Rufus Canis