Food That Won’t Slowly Kill You with Bobbi Giudicelli of Read The Ingredients

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Changing your behavior is no easy feat, especially when it comes to food. And for Bobbi Giudicelli, it took several dramatic health setbacks (both for herself and two close family members) to take action and truly re-examine how her relationship with food was affecting her quality of life.

This led her to co-found Read The Ingredients, a company that produces some of the cleanest, healthiest, vegan, and gluten-free packaged meal alternatives available on the market. In today’s conversation, we draw on Bobbi’s experience to explore the food industry: why it’s broken and how processed food and big pharma are contributing to the declining health of all Americans.

Bobbi explains why Read The Ingredients felt the need to dedicate the majority of its marketing budget to educating consumers before unpacking the unique challenges they face as a niche product at a higher price point and why she would never compromise the integrity of her products (even if it meant going out of business). Tune in for this thought-provoking conversation on the shortcomings of the traditional food industry and why it’s so important to empower the small brands that are challenging the status quo!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The story behind Bobbi’s company, Read The Ingredients, and how eating healthy can transform every aspect of your life.
  • Understanding why processed food is so damaging to our bodies.
  • Learn about the contents of Bobbi’s book, Freedom From A Toxic Relationship With Food.
  • The three key things that inspired Bobbi to change her lifestyle and pursue clean eating.
  • Why our food supply system is so broken and the impact this has on our overall health.
  • How marketing is used to trick people into believing that a product is healthy.
  • Big Pharma’s role in undermining the health of all Americans.
  • The higher price point of Read The Ingredients products, its niche place in the market, and the challenges they face in educating consumers and marketing to them.
  • Bobbi’s experience as a serial entrepreneur and why the food industry has been more challenging to navigate than any other.
  • A rundown of how the odds are stacked against smaller consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and the flaws in current distribution models.
  • Why Bobbi would rather go out of business than compromise the integrity of her products.