Impact-Driven Holiday Shopping Guide with Kate Fosson of Brand Pollinators

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PRINTCast: The PRINT Podcast Studio is a curated collection of cutting-edge podcasts we love about design, creativity, branding, books, and further subjects afield. Here’s the latest episode of Evolve CPG, a podcast about innovative leaders who are evolving the Consumer Packaged Goods industry by building better products and better brands to imagine a better world.

Supporting brands and companies that are impact driven is essential for driving change on a larger scale. With so many options for consumers, it is often hard to find the company to suit your needs while creating positive change, particularly for gift-giving!

Today, we highlight the top 16 brands that we think are impact-driven and leave customers happy in this special holiday shopping guide. Helping us through this guide is Kate Fosson, CEO and Co-Founder of Brand Pollinators; a company focused on helping emerging, impact-driven brands grow. If you are looking for a gift for someone then we have you covered. 

In this episode, we learn about all kinds of products ranging from world-changing sprinkles to sustainable camping lunchboxes. Discover how to give the gift of sleep and relaxation, the perfect gifts for kids, brands for outdoor lovers, and much more! Eliminate the shopping stress and tune in to learn how to give with intention this holiday season with Kate Fosson!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A brief background about Kate and her company, Brand Pollinators.
  • Kate explains how she decided on which brands to feature for this episode.
  • She outlines the concept of gift-giving with intention.
  • Discover a brand for kids that is driven by nature.
  • A company that makes alternative baking ingredients with no artificial dyes.
  • Learn about some impact-driven gifts for outdoor enthusiasts. 
  • What the ‘hard-workers’ category of the guide is focused on. 
  • Gifts for people who are in desperate need of relaxation and sleep. 
  • The gifts for people who love hosting parties and for the host themselves.
  • Hear about indulgent and sustainable gifts to help you make new friends.
  • Find out about some fun and interesting collaborations.
  • How the behavior of gift buying has shifted in recent years. 
  • Find out how the buying guide has been structured for customers.
  • Learn how the buying guide for kids has been designed and why.
  • Why you should trust our choice of brands.