Passion and Entrepreneurship with Jordan Buckner of Foodbevy

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Entrepreneurs are able to build their businesses because of the passion that fuels them, which also gives them purpose, helps them focus, and develops their resiliency. Jordan Buckner is joining us today to help us unlock the power of passion and purpose. He is the Founder of Foodbevy, a community platform aimed at helping founders in food and beverage grow from startup to scale. 

In this episode, we discuss the differences between passion and purpose and how to align the two, before examining how you can improve your life by focusing more energy on what you are passionate about. By tuning in, you’ll gain key insight into how Jordan and Gage relate to their passions and purpose, and what you can do as an entrepreneur who has lost the internal fire for your business. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What passion is and where it comes from.
  • The difference between passion and purpose.
  • How passion is inherently found in us and also fueled by pursuing a topic of interest. 
  • Looking at balance as it pertains to passion, purpose, and earning a living. 
  • Prioritizing how you spend your time by centering it on your passions. 
  • The importance of choosing a job that is aligned with your passion.
  • What an entrepreneur can do when they lose passion in their business.
  • Appreciating the process, art, and journey of business rather than focusing on the money. 
  • Exploring Ikigai as a foundation for finding your passion. 
  • What Jordan is passionate about and how he recognizes when his internal fire has been lit.
  • Gage’s various passions and interests and how they align with his purpose. 
  • How passion can’t be turned off, but it can decay if not used/pursued.