Publication Design

Publication design is at the heart of communicating effectively—for media outlets, artists, and promotional projects alike. Imprint shows you the best publication design, highlighting effective strategies and examples of the most resonant work in books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and the entirety of design publications. Through this, you can learn to convey narrative, information, opinion, and art in a way best suited to each project.

Behind The Lines

Olivier Kugler makes visual essays with drawings that both touch and inspire. His most recent book is a record of the Syrian refugee displacement.

Close Encounters of the Poppins Kind

It's the story of an extra-terrestrial babysitter who mysteriously shows up at the midcentury home of a little boy and girl and does all the things most babysitters do but with a lot of intergalactic pizzazz.

Hot Off The Hot Metal Press

Aguinaldo (Aguìn) Perrone, Italian designer, illustrator artist and professor of history of illustration and advertising at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, has done IT again. “IT” being a new book that visually speaks to the history of early 20th century avant garde design while expressing his own distinct interpretation and style (IMG_1786) Over...