Regional Design Annual: 2015 Winner Galleries

RDACoverPrint’s Regional Design Annual, now in its 36th year, is arguably the most esteemed and influential U.S.–based graphic design competition of its kind.

We seek top industry names that share a rich connection to the various regions they are tasked with judging. All together, they have selected more than 350 winners to be presented in this issue of Print.

In 2015, Print celebrated its 75th year. You’ll find these winners and many more in the galleries that follow. Enjoy the visual feast that we affectionately know as the RDA in the galleries below.

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The 2015 Regional Design Annual Winner Galleries

Design awards are funny things. Not funny in a humorous, witty way, but rather, funny in an Hmm, why do we need design awards? way. If design is a subjective discipline, and indeed it is, how can anyone decide what is great and what isn’t? After all, the very things some people believe to be a breakthrough or beautiful or badass are the very things that others passionately believe are the reasons civilization is doomed. Perhaps both are true, perhaps neither, but it is nearly impossible to determine universally which is correct.

We at Print see design awards as cultural markers. They are objects to help us comprehend patterns of expression that move us, and cause us to feel. As a result, they become examples of what we consider to be the most significant work created right now, determined by some of today’s brightest designers. Looking back on this issue, we hope it will provide a meaningful understanding of the work that designers all over the United States created in 2015.

—Debbie Millman

Click each region below to view a gallery of work from that region: