Regional Design Annual 2015: Far West

new_RDA_2016_web_ads_april1_468x60[1]The Regional Design Annual is America’s preeminent design competition. View the winners of the 2015 RDA from the Far West below, or enter the 2016 RDA.

FWDoes it represent who we are today? That’s the big question Far West judge Noreen Morioka pondered as she reviewed each RDA entry this year. Morioka believes that what makes the Far West unique is the spirit of its people, and she looked for that moxie in the work.

To Morioka, residents of the Far West, including entrants in this year’s RDA, are risk-takers. “I strongly believe that [what] makes the West diff erent from the rest is that we are cowboys and frontiers people,” she says. “We came out here… in search of [a] new way of life, in hopes of finding success.”

It’s the risk-takers, like the team behind the Shigeru Ban: Humanitarian Architecture book, the “WeMake Celebrates” project and others included in this roundup, who aren’t afraid to take a leap. “I saw a lot of things that were failures, but I respect that they put themselves out there,” Morioka says. “For those designers that didn’t get chosen, I ask you [to] take another step away [from] your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to fail.”

She’s thankful for the risk-takers as they help push the boundaries in design from any one trend to the next undiscovered one. This year she saw less work relying on chalkboard art and handlettering and more showcasing attributes like flat graphics and deep colored backgrounds.

Morioka views her selections in this year’s RDA as a celebration of her region and a visual summary of where it is culturally. “I hope that my choices are a true snapshot of what makes the West so great,” she says.

Regional Design Annual Winners from the Far West