Regional Design Awards Winners 2016: Far West

The Regional Design Awards is America’s preeminent design competition.
View the winners of the 2016 RDA from the Far West below.

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Far West Regional Design Awards

When looking at the inspiring projects from the Far West on the pages that follow, it makes perfect sense to applaud the individuals, design firms and in-house teams listed in the credits. But as the idiom goes, it takes two to tango, and Far West judge Jennifer Morla thinks there’s someone else who should get a bow.

“Although the West Coast has amazing designers, I think credit has to be also given to amazing clients, oftentimes entrepreneurs, who embrace risk-taking and value the conceptual intent of the designer,” Morla says. You can see this alluring dance between client and designer at play in a number of projects, ranging from packaging and editorial design to environmental graphics. And the results are beautiful.

However, Morla was careful to go beyond mere surface appeal when judging the RDA. “I look for pieces that apply a conceptual approach to the solution rather than utilizing purely decorative devices. I look for solutions that redefine what one would expect from a certain industry. I respond to pieces that surprise me with their unique approach and educate me about their product or service.”

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Best of Region

Bloomberg San Francisco Tech Hub Environmental Graphics and Wayfinding System

icosa_-408_edit void_room_column_sign_-303-edit

Volume Inc., San Francisco; Adam Brodsley, Emanuela Frattini Magnusson (creative directors), Eric Heiman (creative director/art director), Bryan Bindloss (art director), Aine Coughlan, Paola Meraz, Leah Elamin (designers); Bloomberg (client)

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Far West Regional Design Awards Winners Gallery

1. 10-Year Anniversary Gift


Karsh Hagan, Denver; Jason Kusmanoff (creative director), Camille King, Lindsey Mills (art directors/designers), Dave Fymbo (writer), Public Letterpress and Laser Engraving (bottle production), Ink Lounge (poster production); Pinnacle Bank (client)

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2. 365 Typographic Calendar


Studio Hinrichs, San Francisco; Kit Hinrichs (creative director/art director), Dang Nguyen, Amy Compeau (designers), Delphine Hirasuna (writer); Studio Hinrichs (client)

“The 365 Calendar is in its 15th year of publication. This year’s design includes many international faces from our collective legacy, including the recently released ‘Euclid’ from Alvin and Elaine Lustig Cohen.” —Studio Hinrichs

3. Air + Speed


ITAL/C, Los Angeles; ITAL/C (creative direction/art direction/design); Air + Speed (client)

4. AVA Little Tokyo Signage and Wayfinding


TCA Graphic Design Studio, Los Angeles; India Howlett (creative director), Kat Fon, Tory Hoffman (designers); Avalon Bay Communities (client)

5. Baseball: It’s a Numbers Game


Jim Godfrey Design LLC, Pleasant Grove, UT; Jim Godfrey (creative director/art director/designer/client), Gareth Fry (consultant)

6. Beauty: Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial


Content Object Design Studio, Los Angeles; Kimberly Varella (creative director/art director/designer), Caroline Baumann, Andrea Lipps, Ellen Lupton, Suvi Saloniemi (writers); Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (client)

7. Black is the New Black


Aufuldish & Warinner, San Anselmo, CA; Bob Aufuldish (designer); California College of the Arts (client)

8. Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Retail Packaging


Partly Sunny, Seattle; Pat Snavely (creative director/art director/designer), David Clugston (photographer), Kevin McGlocklin (writer); Bluebeard Coffee Roasters (client)

9. Brown Palace Ale


Karsh Hagan, Denver; Darren Brickel (creative director), Kelsey Wittenberg (art director/designer), Megan Cohen (writer); The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa (client)

“To pay homage to the great state it has called home for over a century, The Brown Palace created Palace Pale Ale. … Karsh Hagan started with a logo, then brought a distressed design and locals-only attitude through everything from beer taps to a can label to advertising posters.”

— Karsh Hagan (9)

10. Burger King Holiday Packaging


Turner Duckworth Design: London & San Francisco, San Francisco; David Turner, Bruce Duckworth, Clem Halpin (creative directors), Gavin Hurrell, Jessie Froggett, Jennie Spiller, Christian Eager, Matt Lurcock (designers), Jamie Nash (designer/illustrator); Burger King (client)

11. BYU Theatre Season Posters

Twelfth Night_Poster_11x17 v4

BYU Arts Creative, Provo, UT; Nick Mendoza (creative director/art director), Nicolina Brown (art director/designer), Monika Ottehenning (photographer); BYU Department of Theatre and Media Arts (client)

12. Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute 2015 Annual Report


DISTINC_, Pasadena, CA; Jean-Marc Durviaux (creative director), Joseph Prichard (art director), Nathan Stock (designer), Ed Rudolph (photographer); Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute (client)

13. Chameleon



BexBrands, San Diego; Jeremy Dahl (creative director/art director/designer), Becky Nelson (creative director/art director/designer/writer), Daniela Anderson (designer); Chameleon Cold-Brew (client)

14. Chico Honey Co. Packaging


Burghardt+Dore Advertising, Chico, CA; Jeff Burghardt (creative director), Nicole Dore (art director/designer), Paul Schraub (photographer), Laura Cavaluzzo (writer); Chico Honey Co. (client)

15. Cisco


Studio O+A, San Francisco; Denise Cherry, Elizabeth Guerrero, Primo Orpilla (creative directors), Olivia Ward (art director/designer), Elizabeth Vereker (art director), Jasper Sanidad (photographer); Cisco (client)

16. Dance in Concert


BYU Arts Creative, Provo, UT; Nick Mendoza (creative director/art director), Sam Reed (designer), Christopher Peddecord (photographer); Contemporary Dance Theatre (client)

17. Design Lecture Series


Civilization, Seattle; Gabriel Stromberg (creative director/art director/designer), Michael Ellsworth (creative director/designer), Corey Gutch (designer), Andrew J.S. (photographer); Civilization (client)

18. DRY Sparkling Branding & Packaging


Retail Voodoo, Seattle; David Lemley (creative director/art director), Jessica Lennard, Don Stayner, Dave Phillips, Alicia Mickes, Lesley Feldman (designers), Stan Shaw (illustrator), David Clugston (photographer); DRY Soda Co (client)

“We brought DRY back to its core strengths and differentiators through vibrant use of positioning language, design systems and proprietary patterns. As a result, DRY has experienced more growth in the first six months than in the previous decade.”

— Retail Voodoo (18)

19. Earl’s


ITAL/C, Los Angeles; ITAL/C (creative direction/art direction/design/ illustration); Earl’s (client)

20. Exploring Science in the Studio Identity


Gold Collective, San Francisco; Renee Walker, Heidi Meredith (creative directors/art directors/designers); California College of the Arts (client)

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