Regional Design Awards Winners 2016: Midwest

62. Thymes 2016 Catalog


Wink, Minneapolis; Scott Thares (creative director/art director/designer), Tim Cronin (designer/illustrator), Jenny Moran (designer), Lauren Krysti (photographer); Thymes (client)

63. Torn Label Brewing Co. Brand Experience


Blacktop, Kansas City, MO; Travis Kramer (creative director), Lesley Hunt (art director), Jason Wright, Katie Kramer (designers), Mackenzie Gripe (photographer), Matt Dorsett (writer); Torn Label Brewing Co. (client)

64. Turner Technology Branding


DAAKE, Omaha, NB; Greg Daake (creative director), Jim Buhrman Jr. (art director/illustrator), Katie Jo Huckins (designer), Casey Stokes (3D/motion designer), Tina Stokes (writer), Barnhart Press (printing), Michael Cawcutt, Thad Thomas (web); DAAKE (client)

65. Typeforce 4


Firebelly, Chicago; Will Miller (creative director/designer), Nick Adam, Ross Burwell (designers), Graphic Arts Studio (custom-mixed ink), Rohner Letterpress (dimensional foil), Domtar, Veritiv (paper); Public Media Institute (client)

66. Ubumwe Center, Rwanda Posters


Ron Foth Advertising, Columbus, OH; Ron Foth Jr., David Henthorne (creative directors), Nikki Murray, Gene Roy (art directors/designers); Ubumwe Center (client)

67. Unicorn Theatre


Design Ranch, Kansas City, MO; Ingred Sidie (creative director/art director), Nathaniel Cooper (creative director/art director/designer), Jeremy Todd (designer/illustrator); Unicorn Theatre (client)

68. Untamed Brewery


Larry Fulcher, Kansas City, MO; Larry Fulcher (creative director/art director/designer); Untamed Brewery (client)

69. Utah State University: Campus Recreation

Aggie Recreation Center at Utah State University, Logan, Utah.

Aggie Recreation Center at Utah State University, Logan, Utah.

Studio Tilt, Kansas City, MO; Tyler Gilbert (creative director/art director), Jeremy Kramer, Claire Dooley (creative directors/designers); Utah State University (client)

70. VCD Publication


Tracy Lee, Chicago: Renate Gokl, Mark Stammers (art directors), Tracy Lee (designer); Visual Communication Design Department, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (client)

71. Walnut Hills Mural


Carpenter Collective, Kansas City, MO; Tad Carpenter (creative director/art director/designer/illustrator), Becca Birckhead (creative director/art director); BLDG and the Walnut Hills neighborhood (client)

72. Wegustine Wedding Invitation Series


Whiskey Design, Kansas City, MO; Matt Wegerer (creative director/art director/designer), Micah Barta (illustrator), Austin Walsh Studio (photography), Drunk Copywriter (writing); Wegustine Wedding (client)

“When a wedding features food trucks, Duck Hunt, beer pong, tattoo artists, custom cornhole sets, a photo bus and a 3D-printed cake topper—invites made of white linen paper with silver and gold wouldn’t have gotten the job done. This wedding needed custom illustrations, vibrant colors from French Paper and some fun copy to help the guests prepare for a party like they’d never seen before.”

—Whiskey Design (72)

73. Wind + Whisper


ILLUME, Minneapolis: April Mueller (creative director), Dawn Wenck (art director), Taisha Bosher (designer/illustrator), Adam Reynolds (writer), Liz Thompson (senior group manager/product development); Anthropologie (client)

74. Wink Business Cards


Wink, Minneapolis; Scott Thares (creative director/art director/designer), Tim Cronin (designer), Tre Seals (illustrator), Spark Letterpress (printing); Wink (client)

75. Wright Now Website


Wright, Chicago; Richard Wright (creative director), Jennifer Mahanay (art director), Stephanie Di Biase (designer), Mason Kessinger (developer), Todd Simeone (image post-production); Wright Now (client)

“Hyperquake partners with the Cincinnati Zoo each year to celebrate the animal kingdom during its annual gala, Zoofari. By supporting one of our city’s jewels, we help the animals, the zoo and the entire Cincinnati community let loose for one special night each summer.”

—Hyperquake (76)

76. Zoofari 2015


Hyperquake, Cincinnati; Dan Barczak (creative director), Holly Shoemaker (art director), Sarah Faulkner (designer); Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden (client)