Regional Design Awards Winners 2016: New York City

21. “Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: Mexican Modern Art” Exhibition Catalog


Pentagram; Eddie Opara (creative director/art director/designer), Brankica Harvey, Yo-E Ryou (designers); Nova Southeastern University Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale/Skira Rizzoli (client)

22. Girl Waits With Gun


Jim Tierney; Michaela Sullivan (creative director), Brian Moore (art director), Jim Tierney (designer/illustrator); Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (client)

23. Good Bytes


The Studio of Laura Berglund; Laura Berglund (creative director/art director/designer/writer), Daniel Zender (illustrator), Daniel Sky, Michael Chan (photographers), Krystel Abimeri, Jimmy Franchise (writers); Good Bytes (client)

24. Google Neon


Graham Hanson Design; Graham Hanson (creative director/art director/designer), Nico Curtis (photographer); Google (client)

“[We] created a monumental identity for Google’s New York headquarters that celebrated and referenced the streetscape heritage of NYC. Each letter in the sign is taken from an iconic sign in the NYC cityscape (i.e., the ‘G’ from the historic Domino Sugar sign in Long Island City).”

—Graham Hanson Design (24)

25. Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana


Pentagram; Eddie Opara (creative director/art director/designer), Brankica Harvey, Yo-E Ryou (designers), Erik Christiansen (photographer), Dan Michaels (writer); Chronicle Books (client)

“A clean, elegant framework … organizes the material and makes it appealing for users of all levels of experience. The sophisticated presentation introduces design to a subject that has always had a scruffy or groovy vibe.”

—Pentagram (25)

26. High Yield, Future Tense: Cracking the Code of Speculative Debt

EO High Yield Future Tense

Pentagram; Eddie Opara (creative director/art director/designer); Brankica Harvey, Yo-E Ryou (designers), Martin S. Fridson, Karen Sterling (editors); New York Society of Security Analysts (client)

27. Holiday In-Store Product Promo Animation

Department of Advertising and Graphic Design, MoMA; Hsien-Yin Ingrid Chou (creative director/art director), Derek Flynn (art director/designer); MoMA Design Store/Retail Division (client)

28. How To …


Pentagram; Michael Bierut (creative director/art director/designer/author/client), Hamish Smyth (designer), Sonsoles Alvarez, Chloe Scheffe (production managers), Julia Lindpaintner (design supervisor), Andrea Monfried (editorial consultant), Rebecca McNamara (copy editor)

29. Immunity

Regan Arts; Richard Ljoenes (creative director/art director/designer), Taylor Antrim (writer); Regan Arts (client)

30. KIPP NYC College Prep High School Environmental Graphics

KIPP Charter School, Location: Bronx NY, Architect: Gensler, Developer: Robin Hood Foundation, Graphics: Pentagram

Pentagram; Michael Bierut (creative director/art director/designer), Britt Cobb (designer), Rob Bennett, Garrett Rowland, Albert Vecerka/ESTO (photographers), Julia Lindpaintner (researcher); KIPP NYC (client)

31. KOVAL Vodka


Dando Projects; Oona Hart (creative director/art director/designer); KOVAL Distillery (client)

“The new KOVAL Vodka label was designed with the intention of not conforming to the more traditional hierarchy of brand and product placement on the label, but instead bringing focus to the ingredients: 100% rye sourced from organic farms in the Midwest.”

—Dando Projects (31)

32. M&M’s 75th Anniversary


jones knowles ritchie; Tosh Hall (creative director/art director), Danny D’Arcy (design director), Erin Dameron, Catherine Wyatt (designers), Ian Brignell (typographer); jones knowles ritchie (client)

33. Made By Numbers


HUSH; Jodi Terwilliger (creative director), John Soat, James Zanoni (art directors), Ben Gray, Andrew Teoh, Eric Reiper (designers); HUSH (client)

34. Mod Moves


McCandliss and Campbell; Nancy Campbell (creative director/designer), Trevett McCandliss (creative director/art director/photographer), Tim Jones (art director), Tara Anne Dalbow (fashion editor), Edda Gudmundsdottir (stylist), Benoit-Swan Pouffer (choreographer), Sacha Harford (hair and makeup), Brynja Skjaldardottir (assistant to stylist); Footwear Plus magazine (client)

35. Mr. Splitfoot


Strick & Williams; Michaela Sullivan (creative director), Martha Kennedy (art director), Charlotte Strick, Claire Williams (designers); Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (client)

36. The New School Identity


Pentagram; Paula Scher (creative director/art director/designer), Jeff Close (designer); The New School (client)

37. Paperless Post Holiday 2015 Catalog


Paperless Post; James Hirschfeld, Luke Williams (creative directors), Ivy Liu (art director/designer), Helen Quinn (art director), Chelsea McNamara, Ted Cavanaugh (photographers), Stephanie Shih (writer); Paperless Post (client)

“[2015] marked the first time Paperless Post embraced modern, minimalist layout and styling as a way to draw more attention to the product itself. … The motif of human hands interacting with the product, continued throughout the book, reminds readers that Paperless Post’s invitations and cards connect people in real life.”

—Paperless Post (37)

38. Perrier L’Atlas

Mirrorball; Emil Czarnowski (creative director), Kim Paquet (creative director/ designer), Lucas Benarroch (art director), Jonah Nigro, Tyler Spangler, Ilana Friedman (illustrators), Jeff Meltz, Laura June Kirsch, Sam Cannon (photographers), Carly Pifer (writer); Perrier USA (client)

39. “Philadelphia Explained” Installation


Pentagram; Paula Scher (creative director/art director/designer), Courtney Gooch, Sarah McKeen (designers); Temple Contemporary at the Tyler School of Art (client)

40. “Picasso Sculpture”


Department of Advertising and Graphic Design, MoMA; Hsien-Yin Ingrid Chou (creative director/art director), Damien Saatdjian (designer); Department of Painting and Sculpture, MoMA (client)

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