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  • Pre-Super Bowl Feature: The Complete Spot Paintings of the NFL

    Roberta Smith of the New York Times says that, “Mr.

  • Indie Bookstores Box It Out With Amazon

    “People may not realize the cost and consequences of ‘convenience’ shopping until it's too late,” Allison K.

  • The World’s Favorite Wearable Design

    Smith, is a former Designer of Week who noted that one of his goals was to spend more time developing goods and products of his own, which of course includes wearables like the pin below. Smith sells this Premium Love Kills Pin (die cast edition of the classic Love Kills pin) in his shop. But Smith also creates wearables in client work: Smith created this as part of graphic/brand development for LA/NY brand CX.City Final Deadline: Aug. 7 #wearablesdesigen #davidmsmith #JohnnyCupcakes #wearabledesign #NeltnerSmallBatch #inhousedesign #blksmithco #JamesVictore #tshirtdesign

  • At HOW Design Live, One Moment Can Make Magic

    And the excitement on their faces reminds me of how I felt when I first attended – and how I didn’t want it to end … “ — Keith Smith, designer at Pacific Communications and HOW Design Live veteran “Every time I go to a conference like that, there’s so much cross-pollination.

  • Beyond the Graphic Novel: Mixed-Media Photo Portraits of Comics Artists

    And the mixed-media layering is not yet over, as Temple of Art has also expanded into an upcoming documentary that includes Dave McKean, Molly Crabapple, Bill Sienkiewicz and the others shown here as well as Fight Club’s Chuck Palahniuk, Clerks‘ and comics’ Kevin Smith, singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer, and many other artists, over 50 in all.

  • Image of the Day Archive, June 2010

    / Espen Friberg, Yokoland Book Collages June 9 / Paul Barnes, Marianne Faithful June 10 / Project Projects, Timelapse June 11 / Harry Pearce (Pentagram), Helping Haiti June 14 / 2×4 & Jeff Glendenning, Cover of Key June 15 / William Kentridge June 16 / Josh Cochran, Sexy City June 17 / Catalogtree, Illustration for New York Times Magazine June 18 / Ji Lee, Parallel World June 21 / Graphic Design in the White Cube, Paul Elliman June 22 / Graphic Design in the White Cube, Peter Buchannan Smith June 23 / Graphic Design in the White Cube, Julia Born June 24 / Graphic Design in the White Cube, Stripe June 25 / Graphic Design in the White Cube, Scott Stowell June 28 / Karel Martens, De Nijl Architecten June 29 / So Hashizume, New Years Card 2008 June 30 / Diem Chau, World Cup 2010 Crayons #JoshCochran #JeddGlendenning #EspenFriberg #Catalogtree #DeNijlArchitecten #ScottStowell #DiemChau #Stripe #PaulElliman #PaulBarnes #SoHashizume #JiLee #HarryPearce #PeterBuchannanSmith #Willi

  • Graphics For A Fortune

    Fortune‘s managing editor Parker Lloyd-Smith. Parker Lloyd-Smith (from Time Magazine‘s business section) was named Fortune‘s managing editor by Henry Luce. Lloyd-Smith in turn named T.M.Cleland as designer. As described in the book Fortune — The Art Of Covering Business, while out for a drink one night with Lloyd-Smith, Cleland did the cover pitch sketch for the first issue above on the tablecloth at Bruno’s, a speakeasy on East 12th Street in New York City. The added tidbit to the story is that Cleland did the sketch — remarkably true to the actual first issue cover — upside down so he could present his concept without Lloyd-Smith having to turn it around or rise from his seat to appreciate it.

  • 5 Package Designs of the Week

    So next time, maybe just have Smith &+Village throw it in a paper bag and call it a day, will you?”

  • Interview with MacFadden & Thorpe

    Current projects Two projects with the wonderful artist Allison Smith: a book on animation for Chronicle and another for the Anaheim Angels baseball team; an annual report for the Bay Citizen, a new non-profit news organization; a suite of typographic illustrations for Wired magazine; and an as-yet-undetermined art object for The Thing Quarterly.

  • Medical Horrors and Wonders

    Morrison, Allison Muri, Sport Murphy, Marcia D. Rice, Harriet Ritvo, Charles Rosenberg, Michael Sappol, Emilie Savage-Smith, Jonathan Sawday, Walton O. Schalick, Antony Shugaar, Jonathan Smith, Jennifer Spinks, Claudia Stein, James Taylor, Paul Theerman, Charles W.