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  • The One Club for Creativity Merges With the Type Directors Club

    “The TDC simultaneously faced organizational and financial issues, and this merger offers the infrastructure for a fresh start so our Advisory Board can instead focus on what it's good at: promoting typographic excellence with an anti-racist commitment to broaden what our industry lauds,” said Elizabeth Carey Smith, TDC past president. TDC awards and programming will be run by an Interim Advisory Board consisting of Elizabeth Carey Smith, ECS (chair), Paul Carlos, Pure+Applied, Ingrid Chou, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Liz DeLuna, main5 design, Carrie Hamilton, Carrie Hamilton Design, John Kudos, KASA Collective, Bobby C.

  • Mailchimp Hosts “By the Books,” a Literary Festival to Go

    Ford, meanwhile, offers a curated set of literary essays for Mailchimp, while Sow and Friedman deepen the book selections with a series of conversations with authors including Cathy Park Hong, Curtis Sittenfeld and Danez Smith.

  • Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor: Join the Creative Cult

    “Mentoring has always been such an important part of my career progression, and I whole-heartedly encourage everyone to have a guiding voice,” Cult art director Hannah Smith says.

  • Rick Griffith: A Love Letter to Design, a List of Demands, and a Stern Look

    Smith Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison by Michel Foucault Areopagitica (and of Education) by John Milton Welcome to Processing (.,.,.,.,.,) —Rick Griffith

  • Image of the Day, August 29

    August 29 / Shawn Smith, Skulk (2010) Image of the Day, August 26, 2011 See the Image of the Day Archive, August 2011 More from Image of the Day

  • Lubalin As American As The 4th Of July

    On this 4th of July, we present a booklet of doodles based on Lubalin’s swash logo/letterhead, conceived and designed by his colleague Ernie Smith, as an invitation to an exhibition at the Composing Room Gallery as a little reminder of Herb Lubalin Inc. work. Ernie Smith. Ernie Smith. Ernie Smith.

  • The Design and History of Tarot Cards, Part 2

    Acclaimed illustrator Lisa Sterle marries the symbolism of the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck with youthful, stylish characters and items from our modern lives.”

  • Touch and Go

    “It was even newer than comics,” Smith says. “I remember it was a big step for me,” Smith says. In 2009 Smith released Windosill, his most elaborate work to date. McGuire, the artist, likens Smith’s productions to “sculptural toys.” Smith describes Vectorpark as “a remote place.

  • 10 Historic Prints Available in the Magnum Photo Sale Benefitting NAACP

    I came across this young demonstrator, wrapped in a flag, protesting racism; behind him is Father Smith of San Antonio, a white Catholic priest who protested against injustice for most of his life.” Tommie Smith and John Carlos have given their Black Power salutes, and now it is the turn of Lee Evans, Larry James and Ron Freeman to echo the gesture of protest and raise their fists at the 400-meter medal ceremony.”

  • Mister McRogers’s Neighborhood

    Originally from Dallas, Jeff came to New York with his lovely bride, the actress Allison Rogers, to make their mark on the big city. Allison will be appearing in Giant at the Public Theatre, and hubby is now appearing on your laptop, iPad, and TV.