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  • Obsessions: Week of August 21, 2009

    These beautifully painted Kokeshi are by Amy Huddleston, Aline Yamada, and Allison Sommers.

  • Bespoke

    Fashion designer Paul Smith lends Maharam some of his famously British wit.

  • My Five Favorite Dummies

    Here shown with Mortimer Snerd); Kukla, Fran and Ollie (Fran Allison, on whom I, at three years old, had a crush, is the sentient being; Kukla and Ollie are an alligator and little bald man, respectively; the puppets were created by Burr Tillstrom); Jerry Mahoney (Paul Winchell, a tv personality, created Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff – not shown here because he wanted too much royalty.

  • A Design Archive For the Emerald Isle

    I met David Smith, one of the organizers of the project while at OFFSET 2013 in Dublin. Smith told the Irish design blog Pivot: The concept of establishing an archive or public record of Irish graphic design is essentially the bi-product of numerous conversations I have had over the last five years with colleagues in both industry and in academia. Smith added to this up on the OFFSET blog (here). Smith adds: “Our job here is to tell the ongoing story of Irish design. Since launching at OFFSET 150 users have signed up and Smith is already beginning to see unexpected and unfamiliar work by Irish designers make it onto the curated pages of the site (100 Future).

  • DMY Berlin 2008

    Allison Dring, Daniel Schwaag, and Jerszy Seymour are a few of the speakers.

  • Pop Art, Politics, and Critiques of Contemporary Culture

    Part two, the first half of this interview with art historians Allison Unruh and Kalliopi Minioudaki, who organized “Pop and Politics,” is here. The “Pop and Politics” panel: Allison Unruh, Kalliopi Minioudaki, Martin A. Allison Unruh: Well, we were really lucky to have a lot of great submissions come our way with a range of approaches and artists represented.

  • The Seal of Good Graphics

    Chase, a key outlet for female illustrators including Jesse Wilcox Smith, Rose O’Neill (The Kewpies) and Rita Senger. Coles Phillips, illustrator Jesse Wilcox Smith, Illustrator Rose O’Neil, author and illustrator Rita Senger, illustrator #DailyHeller #GoodHousekeeping #illustration #StevenHeller

  • No Questions Axed

    Then think of Peter Buchanan-Smith, former art director of The New York Times Op-Ed page and Paper magazine. When axed why he chose them, Buchanan-Smith said this about his company, Best Made: “For me, the axes are symbolic of many things we all seem to be longing for these days: simplicity, hard honest work, virtue, independence, loyalty, and endurance are the first things that come to mind.

  • Another Typographical Dimension

    Mason, USA Petra Mrzyk and Jean-Francois Moriceau, France Evan Roth, France Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, USA Alida Sayer, UK Dan Tobin Smith, UK Both the exhibition and graphics have been designed by Rice+Lipka Architects, New York. Copyright © 2013 by Oded Ezer Dan Tobin Smith, Copyright © Dan Tobin Smith Brian Banton, Copyright © Brian Banton Note: The final Heller / Fili Holiday Vintage Design and Ephemera sale TOMORROW (12-3:30) more here.

  • Giving Letterhead

    (Thanks to Steven Smith)