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  • Mohd Is For Design Lovers, Movers, Shakers, And You

    Art director and designer Alessandro Giua worked with Mohd, a leading company in luxury design and furniture, on editorial design, advertising, digital, social, and retail. The classic yet playful combination in the branding identity allows for the flexible approach that Mohd sought. The fact that the designs can effortlessly move across many platforms proves how multidisciplinary they are. Mohd is a worldwide leading company in luxury furniture and design, offering the best selection of international design and exclusive interior design services, both online and through their physical showrooms in Italy. A lot of work has been done to build a new brand image starting with brand positioning and strategy, building a new impactful brand identity. We’ve pulled together distinctive stories to communicate the brand in a charming and cultured way using the power of storytelling and differentiating Mohd from the competition creating a book, a proper manifesto that builds the brand chapter by chapter, using a warm, confidential, ironic tone of voice. All the stories have been spread consistently across several channels, including an immersive storytelling digital experience, and social media. The new positioning has been communicated through an integrated advertising campaign using the new visual language, a punchy colour, a bold graphic style, and clear messaging. Other materials have been designed for the showroom opening: merch, a company profile, and a poster, a homage to the creativity and genius of the design companies and designers of the 1960s, combining one of the most creative and playful slogans of the French “May 68”, and some of the most iconic and innovative products of those years, especially Italian. A project that required a flexible and multidisciplinary approach taking in consideration all the different touchpoint and business needs, especially considering that all the work was carried out remotely just when the Covid-19 pandemic had spread. Full project: Project Credits Alessandro Giua

  • The Daily Heller: Najeebah Al-Ghadban Makes Fragments Whole

    ' BFA and MFA Design programs, and then started her career as a book designer for Abrams, designing covers Headed by Caitlin Roper and Debra Bishop, they had conceptualized the first few issues of the print-only With books, I’m most excited when I’m commissioned to use my collage work, because I do love creating cover But it has loosened me up in terms of how I design covers.

  • How Do Designers Craft the Perfect Book Cover?

    The latest episode: “The Story Behind Designing Book Covers.” Here’s more from the Design is Everywhere team: On this episode, Sam learns about how book covers are Scott chats about the collaboration process and the surprising reality behind book cover design. Jon discusses how he uses writing during his design process, and landing on the cover for Black Futures

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  • Caroline Paul | Design Matters

    Back 7ef5cd47-7c30-4e8e-ba67-558d89b38be0 2e221c65-404c-4bb2-a86a-d6b9cf75aa9b Debbie talks to writer Caroline Caroline Paul WRITER 2016 DESIGN / WRITER Did Lucy Wainwright Roche have a choice?

  • Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton | Design Matters

    Back 7b17df05-7097-4cbe-b771-b6205b6da02e b211f65e-5601-4245-a03b-300c565d64bd Wendy MacNaughton and Caroline Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton AUTHOR / GRAPHIC DESIGNER / ILLUSTRATOR / WRITER 2013 AUTHOR / CATS

  • Photography and Design-- Printmag

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