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    • Hey, Hot Stuff!

      By: Caitlin Dover | July 23, 2009 — Scroll above to see more images IF THERE WERE one directive for all designers, this might be it: Make something and share it. CAITLIN DOVER View the profiles, recipes, photography & Q&A’s using the navigation to the left.

    • Waiting for Lagerfeld

      By: Caitlin Dover | June 1, 2008 On a wet Friday night, we went to a book launch and exhibition of Karl Lagerfeld’s photography at midtown Manhattan’s Pace/MacGill Gallery hoping to answer a few questions: First, when a master of the fashion universe has a gallery exhibit, who turns up? CAITLIN DOVER Here’s one more photograph of Brad:

    • Graphic Novels from Europe exhibition

      By: Caitlin Dover | June 1, 2008 The building that houses the cultural services of the French embassy in New York is a grand Fifth Avenue mansion designed by Stanford White. CAITLIN DOVER

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