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    • Emmanuel Romeuf

      By: Charlotte West | March 31, 2010 Emmanuel Romeuf From: The Alps Lives in: Paris Age: 27 URL: French graphic designer Emmanuel Romeuf surrounds himself with an idiosyncratic display of objects that inspire him: a giant Mickey Mouse lollipop, Milton Glaser’s Bob Dylan poster, a family of small plastic dogs (he hopes to adopt a nonplastic Italian greyhound in the near future), and a collection of New Age vinyl records. Art direction: Mademoiselle, Messieurs (Emmanuel Romeuf, Tom Henni, Émilie Chéron). — About the author: Charlotte West is a Seattle-based writer who recently returned to the United States after six years abroad in Stockholm, Sweden.

    • Polish Projekt, Good Stuff

      A new book, Projekt: The Polish Journal of Visual Art and Design (Unit 05) by Charlotte West and Edgar Bąk is now available from the indie lads at We were approached by the design writer (and Print contributor) Charlotte West who has been researching Polish graphic art for some time. Formed in 1955, Projekt was one of the few publications to showcase the art and design of not only work from behind the Iron Curtain, but also of the West. Charlotte West’s essay describes Projekt’s tortuous history as it struggled to survive against the backdrop of official disapproval, and how it slipped under the Soviet radar to become a platform for some of the most celebrated members of the famous Polish Poster School – amongst them Henryk Tomaszewski, Józef Mroszczak and Jan Lenica. And thanks to Charlotte’s essay, I learned something about Polish cultural history.

    • From CPH to PDX: Hvass&Hannibal

      Charlotte West is a Seattle-based writer who previously spent six years in Stockholm, Sweden. View all posts by Charlotte West

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    • Charlotte West-- Printmag

      Charlotte West 2012 New Visual Artist: Casper Heijkenskjöld Design Inspiration Date Flyer for the music festival Strøm, 2011 There is nothing better than getting paid to do what you love—except, perhaps, learning it from ...


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    • David Korins | Design Matters

      < Back e2fbe370-536b-4610-a17f-6c2e71f48842 933e2c82-d488-459d-b6d2-09aaab071977 David Korins discusses his formative multidisciplinary journey to the stage, building the foundations of what would become his wildly successful design firm, and his sets for "Hamilton" on Broadway, Kanye West and many others. David Korins PRODUCTION DESIGNER 2018 SET DESIGN / HAMILTON / BROADWAY / EDGE THEATRE COMPANY / THOMAS KAIL / LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA / DEAR EVAN HANSEN / KANYE WEST / LADY GAGA Coming soon.

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