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    • Debbie Millman and Rodrigo Corral Discuss Look Both Ways

      By: Print staff | January 19, 2010 — Debbie Millman, Rodrigo Corral, and Emily Gordon meet in the Sterling Brands offices to discuss Millman’s latest book, Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design, published by How Books.

    • Portable Print: Digital Readers Reviewed by Design Authorities

      Portable Print is produced by Print‘s editor Emily Gordon, hosted by writer and designer Monica Racic, and filmed by Michael Cumella.

    • D-Crit, School of Visual Arts

      The program has an all-star faculty roster, most of whom are practicing pro­fessionals, including Pentagram’s Michael Bierut, Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen, and Print’s own editor in chief, Emily Gordon.

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    • Gordon Hull | Design Matters

      < Back d558547d-cc6b-40a2-b689-57680b1de78d b3e5c38f-821c-441f-8e6f-914dc43bbb88 An all music show with DJ and Gordon Hull, graphic designer and co-founder of the award-winning firm Surface to Air. (03.07.08) Gordon Hull ENTREPRENEUR / GRAPHIC DESIGNER 2008 ENTREPRENEUR / GRAPHIC DESIGN / MAGAZINES / MUSIC / NIKE Did Lucy Wainwright Roche have a choice?

    • Dee Dee Gordon | Design Matters

      < Back a0e41530-a821-4e88-9ae0-2f30aa7ab78f 11ccbeb2-a8d7-41c7-92f9-751343938fef Dee Dee Gordon is a renowned youth-culture expert and trend researcher. Gordon's research and reputation have been featured in numerous media outlets including Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, Vogue and The New York Times Magazine, who deemed her the interpreter of youth culture. Her work was featured on PBS's Frontline Special Merchants of Cool. (05.15.09) Dee Dee Gordon TREND FORECASTER 2009 INNOVATION / LOOK LOOK / MALCOLM GLADWELL / STERLING BRANDS / TIPPING POINT / TREND FORECASTER Did Lucy Wainwright Roche have a choice?

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