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    • Singer Sewing Machine's World, 1892

      If ever a particular brand-name machine changed the lives of Americans, it was the Singer sewing machine. But sewing machines did not become mass produced until the 1850s, with Isaac Singer’s first commercial machine. In addition to making essential machinery, the Singer Manufacturing Company was an aggressive advertiser. Singer seemed to understand precisely how to use the new advertising medium to get onto everyone’s lips. And as testament to the brand, when asked to name a sewing machine, I still can only come up with Singer. .

    • Graphic Content: An Interview with Brian Singer

      To laugh with and learn from your favorite designers, check out Brian Singer’s new book, Graphic Content, available now at! Want more Brian Singer, Debbie Millman, Aaron Draplin, and Stefan Sagmeister?

    • Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The Progression of Brian Singer

      Humbly labeling his upbringing and early adult years as average, Brian Singer’s accomplishments as a designer are anything but. However, Singer realized that a book more than likely would not continue the conversation as effectively as he wanted. When Singer finished the project, he reflected on his process and how it could have been fine-tuned. “I think I operate better when I have a lot of things on my plate,” comments Singer about how he manages a fully-packed schedule. What’s Next For Singer?

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    • Matt Singer-- Printmag

      Matt Singer Superheroes and Supervillains Design Education Date I recently completed a project that combined the creative writing of grade school students from 826NYC with artwork from the Senior class...

    • Brian Singer | Design Matters

      < Back d2319501-0707-4289-aae7-f1984bed528c 1f7a4a0c-36db-4eb7-9fc4-30203e25d2b2 On this episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, Debbie talks to Brian Singer, Communication Design team leader at Facebook, about why he went to work for Facebook, about why he started his 1,000 Journals Project, and about why the audience for younger designers should not be limited to the design community. Brian Singer GRAPHIC DESIGNER 2014 AIGA / FACEBOOK / GRAPHIC DESIGN / JOURNALS / PINTEREST / SELF-GENERATED / THAT GUY Did Lucy Wainwright Roche have a choice?

    • Design Matters: Fanny Singer | Design Matters

      Design Matters: Fanny Singer entrepreneur / curator / writer 2020 Always Home / Permanent Collection / art / cooking / Chez Panisse / Alice Waters / Berkeley / Yale / Cambridge / Fanny in France / Edible Schoolyard / Calvin Trillin / Richard Hamilton / JB Blunk / The Baker's Wife / Julia Child / David Tanis / Gloria Steinem Fanny Singer all but grew up in Chez Panisse. Fanny Singer, welcome to Design Matters . My mom and I— The Waters, Singer wars. Are bell peppers and broccoli still frowned upon in the Waters/Singer household? Fanny Singer's latest book is titled Always Home: A Daughter's Recipes and Stories .

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