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    • Print’s February 2014 Issue

      By: Jinnie Compton | January 14, 2014 The Sex & Design Issue: This month, we take a tasteful look at everything from sex itself to sexuality.

    • Print’s August 2014 Issue

      By: Jinnie Compton | July 7, 2014 Print Magazine’s August 2014 Issue is the Lessons Learned Issue.

    • The Design and History of Tarot Cards, Part 2

      Sources: The Spellbinding History of Tarot Cards, From a Mainstream Card Game to a Magical Ritual by Kelly Richman-Abdou The Mystical History of Tarot Cards (History of Game Design) by Caleb Compton A Brief History of Tarot by Patti Wigington Tarot Mythology: The Surprising Origins of the World's Most Misunderstood Cards by Hunter Oatman-Standford

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