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    • Designing London’s Design District

      London is wildly expensive. Via Design District Via Design District Via Design District Via Design District … Which likely didn’t make developing and refining the District’s identity any easier. Design District’s original logo was created by Socio Design. In other words: London is calling. #architecture #branding #DesignDistrict #London

    • Preview: London Design Festival: Somerset House

      Opening with the London Design Festival, Somerset House will show Wouldn’t It Be Nice… Wishful Thinking in Art and Design, an exhibition featuring recent work from 10 studios (look for brand new pieces by Martino Gamper, Bless, and Graphic Thought Facility), exploring the overlap between art and design.

    • London Design Festival: FredriksonStallard

      By: Shonquis Moreno Photos courtesy the London Design Festival | August 28, 2008 King Bonk seating by Fredrikson Stallard at David Gill September 8, 2008. London Design Festival Preview: From September 15 through October 19 at the David Gill Gallery on Loughborough Street, Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard will show off their latest quirkily titled design, the limited-edition King Bonk fiberglass chair and footstool.

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    • Angus Hyland | Design Matters

      < Back 617144c3-11ba-4b5e-ab0b-8ce46c7ddf71 9b73fb27-9dfc-46b5-8d4c-612c3d64140b Angus Hyland studied information design at the London College of Printing and graphic art and design at the Royal College of Art. After running his own studio in Soho for ten years, he became a partner in Pentagram's London offices in 1998. Recently he co-authored the book Symbol with Steven Bateman.In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Angus Hyland discusses how dyslexia led him to design, getting a job at Pentagram, the peace sign, Deutsche Bank, the play button, the London Olympics — and his new book. (07.08.11) Angus Hyland GRAPHIC DESIGNER 2011 GRAPHIC DESIGN / PENTAGRAM Did Lucy Wainwright Roche have a choice?

    • Design Army | Design Matters

      < Back 9c017b63-a439-41c9-af0d-b823bc104ddb e2f445e1-1591-4cd6-9655-86f40b79387f Design Army is one of the best and brightest design firms in the D.C. metropolitan area. Started in 2003 by Jake and Pum Lefebure, Design Army works with everyone from the Washington Ballet to AIGA to the Washingtonian. Their work has been consistently awarded and praised across the design industry. They design web sites, corporate annual reports and invitations to charity events — and anything else design-oriented that one could possibly come up with. (11.04.11) Design Army GRAPHIC DESIGNER 2011 DIGITAL / GRAPHIC DESIGN / INTERACTION Did Lucy Wainwright Roche have a choice?

    • Design Matters Live: Neville Brody | Design Matters

      (Recorded live at Museum of Design Atlanta.) Design Matters Live: Neville Brody GRAPHIC DESIGNER / EDUCATOR 2018 GRAPHIC DESIGN / DESIGN EDUCATION / COCA-COLA / JAMES SOMMERVILLE / TYPOGRAPHY / TCCC UNITY / GOTHAM / UX / BANKSY / THE FACE / FETISH RECORDS / ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART / ANTI DESIGN FESTIVAL He’s a digital prophet. Paula Scher — Zachary Petit, Design Matters Media Editor-in-Chief // I’ve always been trying to challenge, rethink, or disrupt through graphic design. I don’t see the point in teaching for any other . ( ) // I went [to the London College of Printing] to learn the basics and to understand exactly how typography is supposed to work, in terms of the rules. It happened at the same time as punk, which was probably the most influential thing to happen to me in London.

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