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    • The Daily Heller: Praise for Peter Pauper Press

      This was the auspicious beginning of the Peter Pauper Press. After three years, Thompson left the business, and Peter’s wife, Edna Beilenson, became partner. In 1935, they moved Peter Pauper Press to Mount Vernon, New York, where Peter printed special edition books for publishers such as Random House, New Directions, and the Limited Editions Club. The couple published 10 to 12 new titles each year until Peter’s death in 1962 at the age of 56. Another Beilenson son, John, is a free-lance Peter Pauper author, as is daughter Suzanne.

    • Toying With Typography: Peter Biľak’s Q Project

      Peter Biľak’s Q Project is many things at once.

    • Peter Lloyd and the Sheen of Airbrush

      The illustrator Jose Cruz wrote to say that many of the airbrush illustrator Peter Lloyd’s works are up for sale. “Peter’s widow Brenda and his daughter Annie have put many of his illustrations, paintings, and drawings for sale to repay all of the medical expenses and debt left behind by Peter’s hospitalization and death.”

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    • Peter Terzian-- Printmag

      Peter Terzian The Hypothetical Library: Fictional Covers for Real Writers Featured Date by Peter Terzian — In The Sandman, the series of comic books by Neil Gaiman, there is a library of books that exist only in their authors...

    • Peter Mendelsund | Design Matters

      < Back 0add91de-844a-4ee9-a739-6fe8b89c3e42 52f5c5d7-87b3-4377-8a1f-9a9543901e65 Peter Mendelsund an associate art director at Knopf, as well as an art director at Pantheon, is the force behind some of today's most recognizable book covers: the Stieg Larsson books, the Pevear and Volokhonsky translation of War and Peace and Laurie Sheck's A Monster's Notes, to name just a few. His blog an be read here. (12.09.11) Peter Mendelsund GRAPHIC DESIGNER / MUSICIAN 2011 BOOK DESIGN / GRAPHIC DESIGN / MUSICIAN / PUBLISHING Did Lucy Wainwright Roche have a choice?

    • Peter Buchanan-Smith | Design Matters

      < Back af7992a4-a6c4-41d7-b9c8-2759587d99cb ca3346e7-5d69-4657-987f-e426a3ea4885 Peter Buchanan-Smith is the founder and principal of Buchanan-Smith LLC and the author of several books, including Speck, and The Wilco Book. He was awarded a Grammy for his design of Wilco's album A Ghost is Born. (03.24.06) Peter Buchanan-Smith ENTREPRENEUR / GRAPHIC DESIGNER 2006 ENTREPRENEUR / GRAPHIC DESIGN Did Lucy Wainwright Roche have a choice?

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