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  • 30+ Inspiring Pieces of Midcentury Print Design From the Excellent New “Design Reviewed”

    PRINT on Print is a column about all things … print. We’ve got beautiful architecture, we’ve got a rich history of print. Every print finish, every piece of paper stock, it’s a decision someone’s made. So earlier I was scanning in these German print magazines.

  • Creating Operatic Print Design Magic in a Box

    On Site Opera, a New York–based organization that, in usual times, performs in venues that fit the settings of the stories—parks, restaurants, clubs, museums, soup kitchens—chose to present its 2020–2021 offerings via text and images (which include QR codes to listen to the music), all printed on paper and sent through the mail. Printers were—and are—running short-staffed; many vendors have temporarily shut down production for COVID-related reasons. It’s been so popular that we’re currently printing a second run.

  • Martin Fox, Influential Editor-in-Chief of PRINT Magazine, is 90 Today

    PRINT was much simpler then. PRINT never had much advertising but somehow Kaye managed to get all these paper companies to come into PRINT. PRINT had these thick paper inserts. PRINT still does the same things that it did, that PRINT initiated. By this point, PRINT was involved the motion arts, computer arts, not just print.

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