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  • What Brands Make You Tick?

    For that reason, as our dev team works on the new PRINT website behind the scenes, we’ve decided to start releasing some of our brand-new columns and recurring features early—such as The Brandventory, by Jason Tselentis.

  • Future Tech: When Sci-Fi Becomes Real

    What user interface technologies, software and/or hardware from science fiction books, movies or television look promising… or downright awful? “The most obvious innovation that has gained serious ground in what seems like a very short time is the idea of the autonomous, self-driving car, which you can spot in both Total Recall (1990) and Demolition Man (1993). Self-driving automobiles will represent a tremendous leap forward once they reach critical mass. This, of course, assumes a great many things, but consider a world where 32,000 people in the United States didn’t die in 2013 to automobiles.” —Nate Voss | VML . “My hope for science fiction lies in games because that’s where we are the most willing to experiment, especially [as] consumers. Although current attempts are unpractical, the holodeck [from Star Trek the Next Generation] is still the ‘holy grail’ of video games.” —Nathalie Lawhead | AlienMelon . “The series finale of Weeds, and the final season of Parks & Recreation both did a jump to the near future, and they showed it by having everyone using clear phones. I would assume there are companies that will make clear phones just because the future of television says that’s how it will be. I’m not sure I want a phone that allows everyone else in the room to see my screen from the back, do you? I think a Hot Tub Time Machine would be amazing—but I don’­t see anyone introducing one.” —Donovan Beery | Eleven19 Related: James Pannafino explores 6 recent developments that push boundaries and redefine the future of design. “We are in a new wave of Future Shock: The biomedical tech fields are far outreaching the production/entertainment fields.” —Roymieco A. Carter | North Carolina A&T State University “There were a lot of spider robots at CES [consumer electronic show] this year, and I don’t know if you’ve seen the 1984 Tom Selleck classic Runaway but those things are dangerous and we should all be afraid.” —Nate Voss | VML . What sci-fi tech do you want to see? Let us know in the comments. Breakthrough Thinking by Thomas Vogel is a guide to developing effective creative thinking skills, and applying them to challenges in the competitive business environment and an evolving world. #futuretech #JasonTselentis #Printmagazine #scifi

  • Six Seconds or Less: Is Vine Actually Worth Your Time?

    In this excerpt from the June issue of Print, Jason Tselentis explores the popularity of animated GIFs and begins to dig into why Vine has begun to be used by professionals along with casual users.

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