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  • Invade Design Team Created The Beautiful Branding For Coworking Space Communal

    participation, we defined together that the brand’s vision starts with a simple premise: the exchange of ideas –mindsex –, is the formula that creates a new mentality –mindset–. of a wordmark, where we captured the concept of infinity through a manifesto: My mind > your mind > mindsex > mindset > reset > repeat.

  • The Glaser Nobody Knows: Milton's MAGIC Shoes

    Back in 1971, Mayor John Lindsay kicked off a similar program with the Madison Avenue Magic Promenade Lindsay’s tumultuous and uneven two terms as NYC mayor marked a time of great economic and social unease In 1971, Lindsay changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democratic. During Lindsay’s campaign for reelection, a 1969 cover of New York, featuring a photo by Dan Wynn, asked , “Is Lindsay Too Tall to Be Mayor?”

  • Schulz Collection Sets The Pace For Modern Equestrians

    Together and Lindsey Schulz aren't horsing around when it comes to an equestrian collection focused on Lindsey Schulz is both an artist and dressage competitor, allowing her to bring a unique perspective Project Overview: Together partnered with artist and dressage competitor Lindsey Schulz to debut a new defined by presentation and precision, the design emphasizes a heritage of artistry and experience—Lindsey

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