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  • Schulz Collection Sets The Pace For Modern Equestrians

    Together and Lindsey Schulz aren't horsing around when it comes to an equestrian collection focused on environmental sustainability and innovative design. Lindsey Schulz is both an artist and dressage competitor, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to everything she creates. Project Overview: Together partnered with artist and dressage competitor Lindsey Schulz to debut a new collection of equestrian sport bags. In a sport defined by presentation and precision, the design emphasizes a heritage of artistry and experience—Lindsey is not only an established rider in touch with the needs of modern equestrians, but an accomplished artist in her own right, echoing the creative talents of her grandfather Charles Schulz (of Peanuts comics).

  • Scenes from a Revolution

    By: Ursula Lindsey Photo by Hossam el-Hamalawy The Egyptian revolution was an uprising of all classes and all ages in which over 800 people lost their lives. Photo by Ursula Lindsey 3/ This calligraphy in Midan Tahrir celebrates those who died during the revolution. Photo by Ursula Lindsey 5/ A sticker for sale in downtown Cairo shows Mubarak with Libya’s embattled ruler, Moammar Gadhafi, in a Brokeback Mountain parody. Photos by Ursula Lindsey 14/ This Egyptian-flag clutch is by the designer Nadia Zarkani’s NuniZ label.

  • Q+A – David Weeks + Lindsey Adelman

    -based design partners David Weeks and Lindsey Adelman.

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