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  • Dig Into 25 of PRINT’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

    By Zachary Petit Brand of the Day: Nike’s Colorful New Kicks Nike announced a slate of new shoes for By Zachary Petit 19 Art and Design Movies to Watch in Quarantine If you’re like us, you’ve probably been By Zachary Petit The Daily Heller: The Great Type Way A city in England is turning to street art to “ By Zachary Petit Design Matters: Claire Danes At 10, she announced that money or no money, she would By Zachary Petit

  • The Daily Heller: The Plague Goes Viral

    Last May, as the V-word was raging, my colleague Zachary Petit reviewed the first two issues of Detroit-based

  • The Illustrated Gardening Book 'Le Petit Guide Illustre De Potager' Isn't Your Typical Handbook

    Simon L'Archevêque has illustrated and designed the most quaint and whimsical gardening box and booklet that is sure to inspire a garden full of flourishing fruits, vegetables, and flowers alike. The kit includes eight seedboxes and a small illustrated gardening booklet. Throughout the 64 pages, you'll find illustrations that are full of character and almost twinkle with brilliance and a playful color palette to match. The pages are laid out in a way that allows for effortless reading, very much the opposite of a standard handbook, which fosters a much more approachable guide to gardening. Gardening box +Illustrated gardening booklet This box is ideal for curious gardeners that want to discover heirloom seeds of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other varieties perfected by past generations. These seeds are part of our food heritage: full of forgotten flavors, they will please anyone who taste their crops. In this kit are eight seed boxes and a small illustrated gardening booklet (64 pages, in French). Project Credits Photos : Katya Konioukhova Design / Illustrations : Simon L'Archevêque

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  • Derren Brown | Design Matters

    ., and concluding with more recent appearances, and his stimulating TED Talk—where he reveals a bit of the process behind all of our magical thinking. “ ” (Note: Most of these can be individually viewed in full on YouTube after) ” (The No. 1 moment from the video above—in full, in all its frightening, palm-sweating tension) ” “ ” “ ” “ ” Derren Brown: Mind Control artist Design Matters — Zachary Petit , Design Matters Media Editor-in-Chief Top 10 Unbelievable Derren Brown Moments Your mind can play tricks on you, but this is something else.

  • David Lee Roth | Design Matters

    Design Matters, Van Halen logo Van Halen II Women and Children First Fair Warning Diver Down 1984 Design Matters — , Design Matters Media Editor-in-Chief Zachary Petit And remember, we can talk about making a difference, we can make a difference, or we can do both. — Debbie Millman

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