“100 Odd Jobs” Makes Sleek Business Cards for the Unacknowledged Labor of Everyday Life

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100 Days is an annual project at New York City’s School of Visual Arts that was founded by Michael Bierut. Each year, the students of the school’s Master’s in Branding Program spend 100 days documenting their process with a chosen creative endeavor. This year, we’re showcasing each student in the program by providing a peek into ten days of their project. You can keep an eye on everyone’s work on our SVA 100 Days page.

Have you ever thought about the number of jobs that make up a Job? Or the amount of work that you actually do in a day? We are constantly chasing an ever-moving target, thinking about all the tasks we ought to do, but what about the tasks we have already done? What if each job was treated like an actual Job, acknowledging all the hard work that often goes unnoticed? What can we learn about ourselves?

Shrutika Manivannan creates one business card every day for 100 days to legitimize all the odd jobs we do, along with the underrated skills we can learn from them. Her hope is that it makes you think of all the ways in which you exceed your own expectations. Daily.

Follow Shrutika’s project on Instagram @100oddjobs. For collaboration or promotion, please contact her at shrutikamvn@gmail.com, or visit shrutikamani.com to view a selection of her work.