Challenge Yourself with Whitney Bounty’s Elegant Instagram Word Puzzles

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100 Days is an annual project at New York City’s School of Visual Arts that was founded by Michael Bierut. Each year, the students of the school’s Master’s in Branding Program spend 100 days documenting their process with a chosen creative endeavor. This year, we’re showcasing each student in the program by providing a peek into ten days of their project. You can keep an eye on everyone’s work on our SVA 100 Days page.

Deciphering Doublets

Connective Word-Puzzles for a Sharply Divided Present

Language is a social construct that facilitates communication, and therefore fosters connection. Word puzzles satisfy what has been labeled as the ABC’s of human needs— Autonomy, Belongingness, and Competency— and highlight language’s remarkable ability to help build community, further learning, and promote play.

In 1879, Lewis Carroll invented a word-puzzle called Doublets to relieve two young ladies of their boredom. Whitney Bounty revives the laddering language game to link the past to the present and suggest that connection remains possible in spite of today’s pervasive divisiveness.

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