Muller Next Makes a Case for the Impact of Neutral Type

Posted inType Tuesday

While straightforward, sans serif fonts can seem too simple or tame to some, there’s an unspoken inclusivity surrounding the type designs. You can find a good example of this in the typeface Muller Next, whose inherent neutrality feels sophisticated and refreshing, not boring.

This extensive typeface by Leon Hugues, Plamen Motev, and Radomir Tinkov comes with 12 weights, nine widths, 216 font styles, and over 700 glyphs. Thanks to its vast range of styles, Muller Next offers a wide scope of design optimization, specifically from hairline to fat widths. The curves of each letter are slightly calligraphic, but without too much extra flair, so this accessible typeface is keen to fit within any aesthetic. Muller’s neutrality is its selling point, and I could imagine it in minimalistic, clean beauty packaging or edgy and raw athletic-inspired posters.