Quirky, Expressive Buona Display Takes Influence From Classic Italian Type

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The Los Angeles-based husband and wife Larry Nguyen and Wendy Tuan make up the team behind Outfit Branding & Design. The creative duo focus on branding, print design, graphic design, illustration, and now, bespoke typography.

Outfit Branding & Design recently stepped into the world of type design by with its first commercially available typeface, Buona Display. This expressive font brings in the influence of vintage typography to create a perhaps artificial sense of nostalgia, as it seems to stem from the classic 18th century typeface Bodoni. But while Bodoni is streamlined and refined, Buona Display is eccentric and unconventional.

This charismatic font is modern and versatile enough to be effortlessly implemented into logos, editorial designs, billboard signage, and social media graphics.

Buona Display is the first commercially available typeface designed by Outfit Branding & Design. Made for attention-grabbing display usage and inspired by the rich history and lineage of Italian type, Buona has tons of boldness and a little bit of eccentricity, along with sophisticated details that hold up at very large sizes. With a wide range of expression and personality, it can be used for everything from fashion labels to logotypes, to modern editorial and billboard signage. 

Buona is the answer to the question “what happens if we take a classic old style diagonal axis and reverse it?” Vivacious and oddly refined, Buona Display is a larger-than-life type that feels contemporary and stylish, yet wholly subversive. 

With over 590 glyphs per style, it has many OpenType features like standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic alternates, five sets of digits, superiors and inferiors, and fractions. It also supports over one hundred languages and diacritical marks.