The Typeface Heidth Finds Magic in the Aesthetics of the Recent Past

Posted inType Tuesday

It’s easy to get lost in nostalgia. An era long before the present seems uncomplicated by comparison; the past is in the past. The good and the bad moments are trapped in time, you can recall individual memories slowly, and the truth often gets lost in the mix.

Heidth is a typeface designed by Andrew Footit that blends design styles from the past to create a beautifully upbeat, artificial sense of nostalgia with an underlying sense of leisure. There’s an endearing positivity to the letters’ potential for thickness, and curved edges instantly add buoyancy to the typeface. Meanwhile, sharp angles tucked into some of the inner corners add some edge, make the curves feel more intentional, and allow the letters to find an immediate balance.

The ethereal undertones of this typeface make it ideal for playful, nostalgic branding and packaging projects inspired by a more comforting approach to life. I can see an approachable wine brand label, a pet food identity with a thoughtfully snuggly approach, or an ice cream shop fully leaning into classic imagery. While the options go on and on, Footit’s font feels like a reminder that sometimes it’s okay to romanticize the past, especially through a design lens.