Type Tuesday: 2022 Typographic Calendar Blends Typography and Time Exceptionally

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Brazilian graphic designer Lucas Machado ingeniously combined the art of typography and the inevitable passing of time to create a typographic calendar for the year 2022. Whether or not it was intentional, the orange coloring ideally represents the Year of the Tiger. Furthermore, the squiggle on the cover cleverly represents the “twos” that make up this year.  

It’s also worth noting that the shape of the calendar, tall and skinny, is unconventional, allowing for a more vertical approach, where calendars are typically seen in the horizontal representation. Additionally, Lucas placed the name month within the dates on each page to portray the numerical expression. So, for example, July is seven lines down, whereas October is ten lines down. 

This typographical calendar isn’t just an ordinary calendar; this is one with pristine attention to detail through the connection of design and time. 

In the second version of the calendar, the concept of the passage of time remains, but takes a new color and presents new graphics. For the 2022 edition, the snake on the cover playfully illustrates de number twenty-two.

The calendar is the first product of @colect.shop, a new design brand that aims to develop products with a strong graphic language.

The calendar is available in selected stores in Brazil. For international purchases, contact COLECT on Instagram.

Project Credits
Lucas Machado