Type Tuesday: Add Some Extra Body to Your Design with the Cheeky Tanga Font

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While the fantasy of a tropical vacation has likely been especially popular over the past few years, designer Deborah Ranzetta turned her own dream into a tangible piece of art. During the 2020 lockdown, she designed Tanga, a cheeky, tropical typeface inspired by swimsuit bottoms and the triangular shape of bikinis.

This playful typeface pairs extremely spherical letters with sharp, three-sided negative spaces to inspire a feeling of wanderlust. Its bold, rounded forms evoke ’60s and ’70s design trends while creating a sense of anticipation for better times.

While Tanga is irresistibly witty, its exaggerated chunkiness makes legibility more challenging. With that in mind, this dynamic typeface feels more suited for more conceptual design pieces than day-to-day designs. Tanga would be ideal for bold headlines, contemporary poster designs, and summer music festivals, especially with the comically frisky undertones. 

Project Credits
Deborah Ranzetta