Type Tuesday: Add Trendy Modern Art Nouveau Style to Your Design with Tumb

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There seems to be a rise in “quirky” typefaces: spunky fonts that make it easy for creators to add an instantaneously punchy disposition to designs. Michiko Aron‘s Tumb display font plays into the quirky type trend with fluid characters that feel both modern and classic. Its organic, asymmetrical shapes give it an almost art nouveau essence that lines right up with recent typography trends. The unique ink traps within each character add an aesthetically pleasing visual contrast to negative spaces between letters. The resulting linear balance will undoubtedly add a trendy, contemporary flair to any design. Tumb’s flowy, youthful look is ideal for poster designs, marketing materials, and logos.

Tumb is a modern quirky display sans serif type that is super bold and perfect for headlines. it is playful and fun. It is perfect for posters, Instagram, magazines, print, branding, logos , and whatever you can imagine. That That is super proud of this one.

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Michiko Aron
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