Type Tuesday: Dantiane Presents a Modern Take on the Elegant Script Typeface

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There’s an unspoken elegance to script typefaces. At first glance, they evoke a refined sentiment that simply can’t be replicated through a sans serif font. And when analyzed further, their slightly handwritten look adds a more humanistic feel. It’s not often that we receive letters in the digital age, so a heartwarming, personalized look makes a font all the more special.

Dantiane is a traditional script font by Product Experience with remarkably fluid strokes. It comes with 90 versatile stylistic sets, perfect for adding a unique, memorable touch to any design. Unlike many other script fonts, Dantiane’s high legibility makes it both elegant and effortlessly accessible. This typeface is ideal for whimsical title cards, festive invitations, or sleek editorial headlines.

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Product Experience