Type Tuesday: Gridlite, a Side Effect of Grid Addiction

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“There are two great technological constraints that a type designer can choose to tackle,” Rosetta managing director David Březina writes. “One is low resolution, which limits the level of detail and dictates proportions between the negative and positive shapes. The other is uniform width, which restricts each letter to a fixed horizontal space.”

So … what would happen if you dove headfirst into both?

“Each letter becomes a black-and-white chessboard that challenges every design decision.”

Want to play?

The variable font Gridlite is here for all of your typographic experiments. Capable of a wide range of expressions, Gridlite is a joy to frolic in as you toy with the rectangular and compact backgrounds and journey to the bounds of legibility and back. (Of course, if you want to leave the fun to Rosetta, six static styles—Positive Square, Positive Circle, Halfway Square, Halfway Circle, Negative Square and Negative Circle—are offered as a pack in each weight, as well.)

Check out some of the forms below—and to play with the typeface in real time, head to Rosetta.

Design: David Březina. Font engineering: Johannes Neumeier