Type Tuesday: Pentagram Designer Ran Zheng Creates an Inspired Stencil Font

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While stencil-inspired fonts are often associated with a more casual, industrial aesthetic, senior designer at Pentagram Ran Zheng, created Remix Stencil Display Typeface Design that alters the association.

The new display typeface ingeniously mixes the negative spaces naturally created from italic fonts with positive forms of your more classic serif typeface. The result is a beautifully structural, inspired, and unique typeface that not only differentiates itself from other stencil-inspired fonts but almost creates its own genre, one of decadent detail and uncommon shapes while staying legible and enlightened.

Remix Stencil Display is suitable for ranging in fashion, beauty, and food, and there’s no denying that, for any use, the typeface will remain the highlight of the design.

Project Credits
Ran Zheng