Typography design is a vibrant field in the digital era, with designers creating web fonts, crafting new versions of classics, and delving into everything from hand-drawn type to experimental typography. Printmag experts including Paul Shaw, Steven Heller, and J.J. Sedelmaier provide thoughtful reflections on fonts and typography designers, providing a wealth of inspiration. Interviews reveal the behind-the-scenes artistry of the craft.

Yearbook Moderne

Steven Heller evaluates the vintage design of a yearbook from Evander Childs High School in 1936. He shows us shots of the book's Bauhaus sentiment.

Post Your Bills

The Swann Gallery "Graphic Design and Poster" auction is in May. Steven Heller takes a look at some previous works from the auction.

Vintage Orange Crush Soda Bottles Take a Ribbing

I grew up drinking Orange Crush and hearing my mom tell stories of how it used to come in a distinct brown Crush bottle, supposedly to protect the flavor. But by the time I was a kid, those days were long gone, and their bottles were clear. I was also aware that Orange Crush...

Lust For Type

Experimental graphic design, including type, has a home at A–Z in Berlin. A visual research project is their first exhibition, opening in June.

Olympic Modern

A new book, "Olympic Games—The Design" chronicles the graphic design history of the Olympic Games from Athens 1896 to Tokyo 2020.