Add a Youthful Blast from the Past to Your Design with the Blastvader Typeface

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Retro display typefaces tap into the contemporary concept of “artificial nostalgia.” This instinct to merge vintage aesthetics with postmodern design styles often results in aesthetics that are both offbeat and immediately endearing.

Blastvader is a typeface by Invasi Studio that uses oversized, rounded details to create an old-school video game feel. Strong legibility bolsters its retro charisma and allows for a broad scope of use.

Introducing a new collection of retro display fonts. Blastvader is a reverse contrast retro display font. The glyphs have a fat rounded shape. It’s ideal for headlines, flyers, posters, greeting cards, product packaging, book covers, logotypes, and album covers, among other things. Ensuring carefully crafted styles result from the use of this font. The alternates in this font can add more fun to your projects. Its imperfections keep it casual while still providing legibility. 

Project Credits
Invasi Studio