Almoneda Typeface Inspired By The Open-Air Markets Of Madrid

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The definition of “almoneda” is an auction or a clearance sale. Inspired by this word, designer Ale Paul created the typeface aptly dubbed “Almoneda Typeface.” The result is a font with significant contrast and unique ligatures that feel simultaneously eclectic and elegant. Ideal for headlines and logos, this typeface is perfect for high-end inspired designs. 

Almoneda: Sale at public auction of movable goods, generally used. And also: private and voluntary sale of jewelry and junk that is made without the intervention of justice. Formerly, it was nothing more than the market or sale of things and spoils won from the enemy in war.
Nowadays, the almoneda is practically associated with spaces where the sale of “old things” takes place and, in Madrid, they are usually concentrated in the area of El Rastro, an open-air market that is set up on Sundays and some holidays in the center of Madrid.

There, you can find everything and, if you walk around a lot and look hard enough, great typographic finds. It is there where I find a large number of elements (usually from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century) such as boxes, posters, books, etc.. in which appear uppercase letters with a variety of shapes, letters embedded, rare ligatures … In addition, many elements extracted from street signs, tiles from bars and commemorative elements of Madrid have been used to complete this font design made with care and patience.

Thus was born Almoneda, a modern typeface designed by Ales Santos, with a marked axis and great contrast, and an uppercase with several sets of characters to play with and enjoy. It also includes a large number of ligatures and discretionary ligatures. A variable version is being included when you get the complete set.

Almoneda, a typeface that will not leave you indifferent. They take it out of my hands, hey!

Project Credits
Ale Paul — Sudtipos
Ales Santos