Articulate Sans Is A Legible Typeface For Everyone

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Typography plays a vital role in helping translate text into ideas, stories, and educational materials. Sometimes, however, specific fonts or typefaces can be hard to decipher because of their intricacies and elaborateness.

Articulate Sans, designed by Milk, is a typeface that is helping optimize legibility in any size, weight, or format without compromising character so that these texts can more easily be understood and appreciated by everyone and anyone.

They carefully designed each character of the typeface to ensure maximum legibility to enhance both cognition and aesthetics. Because millions of people suffer from either low or weakened vision, Articulate Sans works overtime to connect this gap in perception.

To create more legible characters, precise attention to detail in every single area of the typeface was critical. Emphasization of forms helps to define and better individualize each character. The increased height and decreased cap and descender heights also help bring optimal legibility at smaller point sizes. Calculated incisions were also made at the intersection of strokes to create a defined separation of space for individual clarity within each figure. The negative space created allows amplification of the character’s details.

By understanding and attending to every detail, Milk has genuinely designed an inclusive font. Regardless of what you’re creating, you can implement the typeface with any design to increase inclusivity without compromising your beautiful creations—that's what we call a typographical win-win.